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Wisdom teeth are the large teeth at the back of the jaw that come out last, often between the ages of 17-25. However, everyone is different and there are cases where they come through at a much later age or not at all. At BEYA Dental Group Centre, we understand the discomfort wisdom teeth can bring and our team works towards ensuring our clients understand the process of removal and through discussion, we strive to ensure our clients feel at ease.

For most people, there is not enough room to accommodate the wisdom teeth and common problems that can arise are:

Swelling and infection
Difficulty in opening mouth
Decay of the wisdom teeth as they are difficult to clean
Rubbing of cheek and/or tongue
Harbouring of bacteria which later causes gum disease
At BEYA Dental GroupCentre, we will assess your dental status and give you advise whether or not to have wisdom teeth removed. We will then go through the procedure with you in great detail.

“You can choose to whether have the wisdom teeth removed in the chair or at the hospital.”

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