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At BEYA Dental Group Centre, we understand that having bright smiles can have a huge impact on your confidence. Our team of dentists at our BEYA Dental Group Clinic, ensure that we are using the latest technology in tooth whitening to achieve optimal results. We offer two types of whitening- “in surgery whitening” and “take-home whitening”.

In surgery, whitening is where we do the whitening for you using a light and a professional whitening gel to whiten your teeth by up to 12 shades in just 1hr. With modern technology, this can be achieved with minimal sensitivity. The result can often be seen immediately.

Take-home whitening is the flexible at-home treatment where we fabricate custom-designed trays and give you safe whitening gel at a lower concentration which you can do at home at your own leisure. This is a cost-effective way of whitening and can provide excellent results.

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