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Dental implants are titanium screws attached with an implant crown which are placed into the bone to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. A dental implant should last for many years, and potentially for life. At BEYA Dental Group Centre, we offer you a period of guarantee of all our implant work for your peace of mind!

To start the process of having a dental implant, one of our experienced dentists will take x-rays and photos and refer you to have a 3D image of your jaw bone to assess the amount of bone you have for the placement of the implant. If you are suitable to have the implant placed, the first step involves placing the titanium implant screw into the site where you have the missing tooth. It is then left for between 2-6 months until the implant integrates into the bone. During this time, we can make you a temporary tooth to wear. After integration of the implant, a permanent crown tooth is cemented into place.

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