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At BEYA Dental Group Centre, we understand the discomfort some of our clients can experience. We have three different sedation methods which can be dependent on the patient and the procedure.

Sedation is often an excellent choice for our nervous patients as it can make the appointment more relaxing and less stressful. At our BEYA Dental Group Clinic, we offer the following types of sedation:

Penthrox (the green whistle) is similar to happy gas but is handheld and will allow you to control how much you want to inhale. It can be inhaled before the procedure and during for pain relief and relaxation. It is very safe to use and is suitable for almost all our patients
Oral sedation medication can be administered by our medical practitioners at Broad Oak Medical if required. It can be done 20min – 1hr before your appointment. Please note that, for safety reasons, we don’t recommend you drive after the treatment when you have received any form of sedation medication.
Sleep dentistry is intravenous sedation carried out by an external anaesthetist or doctor with specialised training. This involves using a combination of sedative and pain control medications to create a dream-like state of deep relaxation for the entire dental procedure.

“Talk to us about your fears and concerns so that together we can decide on the best treatment for you. There are safe and time-tested options available to ensure that you have a positive and painless experience. you are not alone and you don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

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